Technical hoses

Our company is a manufacturer of technical hoses for transfer of gases and fluids as well as orifice cords designed to tie up plants. Such products can effectively replace rubber hoses. They are manufactured in line with guidelines provided by customers, although the internal diameter must fit within the range from 2 to 50 mm whilst the wall thickness must be from 0.5 to 8 mm. Technical hoses are made of compounds with accurately and carefully selected composition with admixture of purposeful additives to achieve the desired properties, e.g. improve immunity to the effect of low or high temperatures or UV radiation. Our products are made of top quality plastics and find broad application not only in various industries but also in gardening, fruit farming and commerce.
Products offered by our company are distinguished by long lifetime. We produce technical hoses for standard applications (to be used for transfer of water or air) as well as special ones (for transfer of oils, petrol, solvents, detergents or medicines). Also small orifice cords for tying up of plants are offered as a perfect solution for fruit farming since such cords make no wounds to tree structures and remain elastic even at quite low temperatures.

Technical hoses manufactured by us offer the following advantages:

  • are insensitive to weather conditions,
  • may demonstrate elevated immunity to UV radiation,
  • are resistant to the effect of low/high temperatures,
  • are flexible
  • may be offered either with plain or riffled surfaces.
wezyk na szpuli 150
wezyk tech 150