PVC edge danding for furniture

We produce top quality banding strips made of soft PVC and designed for edges of furniture components. These strips can be butted onto bends of fibreboards (MDF boards) with the radius of 30 mm and more. Our products are distinguished by top quality and contain no phthalates or heavy metals that may be hazardous for health. What is even more important, edge bands for furniture need no gluing and are available in a broad spectrum of colours according to the RAL palette as well as with lustreless and glossy finishing.

New! In our product mix also edge bands of T-LED type appeared to enable decoration with LED strips with the width up to 12 mm. More details can be found in a separate category here.

PVC edge bands can be used as finishing of:

  • chipboards and laminated medium density fibreboards (MDF) with the thickness of 10, 12, 16, 18, 19, 22, 25 and 28 mm
  • kitchen cupboard tops with the thickness of 28 and 38 mm.
profiles 30mm 140 profiles ral 140






  PVC shaped section - versions:
                                                   Widok 3D Przekrój poprz.
  Shaped section TD obrzezeD3d 140 obrzezeD 140
  Shaped section TL obrzezeL3d 140 obrzezeL 140
  Shaped section C obrzezeC3d 140 obrzezeC 140

Shaped section T-LED

 profil t led3d 140  profil t led 140


Shaped section color Suggested color of MDF board
profiles jbraz 60 Jasny brąz orzech beech, sonoma oak, light oak, maple
profiles jmiodowy 60 Miodowy jasny alder
profiles miodowy 60 Miodowy calvados, apple tree, medium nut, ECO
profiles mahon2 60 Mahoń dark walnut, wenge
profiles white 60 Biały n/d
profiles blue 60 Niebieski n/d
profiles black 60 Czarny n/d
profiles jpopiel 60 Popiel n/d
profiles pink 60 Różowy n/d
profiles silver 60 Srebrny n/d