Shaped Sections

Our company owns manufacturing plants designed to produce various types of shaped sections and bars made of thermoplastic materials. They can be offered with any shapes and colours as well as with smooth, porous or riffled surface, either with glossy or lustreless surfaces – upon discretion of customers. Hardness and other parameters of plastics are each time adjusted to individual needs of customers. We take care about accurate matching of dimensions and shapes, which enables perfect fitting of sections and bars to mounting surfaces.

Owing to application of well-proven plastic compounds our shaped sections are insensitive to impact of various physical, chemical and mechanical factors, which helps to achieve high durability and long lifetime.



Our PVC shaped sections can be manufactured for:

  • tubes
  • flat bars
  • angle bars with equal and non-equal legs
  • channel bars
  • hollow channel bars with square or rectangular cross-section
  • T-shaped and I(H)-shaped sections


PVC shaped section can be used as:

  • finishing of metallic parts
  • protection of edges
  • metal furniture
  • racks, shelves, trolleys
  • plastic guard/beading rails
  • impact force absorbers
  • protection of edges for glass and ceramic items
  • protection means for transportation of windows or glass panels
  • sealing joint strips
  • spline strips
  • handrails and balustrades tops


  PVC shaped section - versions:
                                                   3D view Cross-section view
  Shaped section U profil3D U 140 profil2D U 140
  Shaped section L profil3D L 140 profil2D L 140
  Shaped section D profil3D D 140 profil2D D 140