T-LED shapes sections

T-LED shapes sections, flexible edge band enables decoration with LED strips with the width up to 12 mm. Currently they are manufactured in two options – transparent and milky. In case of transparent design the sections enable good translucency for light whilst the milky products offer the effect of light attenuation and dissipation of light emitted by LEDs. T-LED shaped sections offer fantastic effects of illumination, in addition they perform as decoration and protection for LED strips against mechanical damage, water and moisture. Owing to a fir-shaped fixation lock and fins overlapping the board, such sections can be easily butted to edges of chipboards (fibreboards) (e.g. 18 mm in thickness) with a milled groove whilst their flexibility enables easy adjustment and seamless adhesion to board edges on bends and rounded corners.

We are ready to manufacture shaped sections for LED strips with any geometrical design and dimensions, according to application fields or ideas suggested by customers.

It is also possible to manufacture fluorescent shaped sections that shine in darkness after preliminary exposure to illumination with light.



                                                   3D view Cross-section view
   T-LED type  profil t led3d 140  profil t led 140


Color Details
profiles trans Transparent good translucency for light
profiles milk Milky the effect of light attenuation and dissipation of light emitted by LEDs


Illustrative images