Deck boxes

In our offer you can find deck boxes, which are the most popular products among all cardboard packages. We make them of rigid and durable cardboard, whilst the encapsulating boxes for collective storage are also provided with handy holders.

The boxes are made up of four side walls with tilted top and bottom decks. Such packages are commonly used for commerce, transportation and industry. We make them from one sheet of cardboard that is firstly folded and then stitched or glued with laps. Upon specific orders from customers, we can manufacture boxes of whichever dimension made of cardboard with basis weight adjusted to specific needs. In addition, the boxes can be provided with any imprints, logos or inscriptions. We have the capability to manufacture even short series of products whilst very urgent orders can be completed as express projects, out of regular production schedule.

Examples of packages in our product mix:

 pudlo klapowe 0200






pudlo klapowe 0201